A Little History

Well, not really history but an article from a couple years ago:



And now it’s only 28 more get ups until we leave for Tempe.  Tic, tic, tic.


TempeDiablo.jpgAnybody watching MLB TV?  Man, I love the stuff.  I’m also a Laker fan but since the first of the year when my cable company got MLB TV, I’ve only watched one Lakers game … we beat the Cavs!


Griffey Jr. back to Ms?  Yawn.  Kinda ticks me off because I’ll bet his delay tactics have been holding up Garret Anderson’s chances of signing anywhere.  And I was hoping GA could go to Seattle.  He’s been such a great part of our team since mid-1995, I want to see him do well.  Playing in the ATL I won’t see him much (Is there anything more boring than NL games?  You get a rally started and the pitcher comes up to hit.  I mean, sheesh!)  Anyway, at least he’ll be reunited with Casey Kotchman, who we gave up to rent Teixeira last year.


XM Radio MLB Schedule (Why doesn’t XM like Arizona?) 
Date Game Game Time XM Channel


Nationals @ Astros 1:05PMET XM 176
Phillies @ Pirates 1:05PMET XM 180
Athletics @ Brewers 3:05PMET XM 179
Dodgers @ Cubs 3:05PMET XM 178
Diamondbacks @ Rockies 3:10PMET XM 177


Marlins @ Mets 1:10PMET XM 176
Brewers @ Cubs 3:05PMET XM 177
Rangers @ Royals 3:05PMET XM 178


Orioles @ Marlins 1:05PMET XM 176
Yankees @ Twins 1:05PMET XM 178
Cardinals @ Mets 1:10PMET XM 177
Dodgers @ Mariners 3:05PMET XM 179


Pirates @ Astros 1:05PMET XM 178
Nationals @ Cardinals 1:05PMET XM 176
Twins @ Yankees 1:15PMET XM 177


Yankees @ Reds 1:05PMET XM 176
Red Sox @ Twins 1:05PMET XM 178
Blue Jays @ Rays 1:05PMET XM 177

Game times and broadcast schedule are subject to change.


Finally, some real history.  My favorite Angel, Jim Fregosi.



Play Ball!

It’s the best time of the year … the Hot Stove League season is over, spring camps have opened, and EVERYBODY is going to win the World Series this year!


31 more get ups and we are heading to Tempe!